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KD – The Ultimate Solution to Food and Fun
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KD – The Ultimate Solution to Food and Fun

  • Let’s face it. All of these days at home have even the best of us a little stir-crazy. Need some fresh ideas for feeding your family and facilitating some fun? Kraft Dinner to the rescue! Use one package to create some colourful suncatchers, a beautiful way to bring the outside in. And the other package? We think you know what to do with that one! Craft or Kraft? It’s entirely up to you.

    Kraft Dinner Suncatchers 

    Nothing says spring quite like these cheery little window decorations. Who knew they could be made with Kraft Dinner? Start with any variety of KD you have on hand. Alphabet Shapes, Ninja Turtle, Underwater Creatures and Spirals all make for unique and interesting designs. More of a purist? Stick with the original.


  • 1

    Divide the dry pasta into several different resealable plastic bags. (Reserve the Cheese Sauce Mix for another use.) The number of bags you use really depends on how many colours you want in your suncatcher. Keep in mind that one package of Kraft Dinner will make two small suncatchers. Pour 1 tsp. rubbing alcohol and ½ tsp. food colouring into each bag. Seal bags, then massage until the rubbing alcohol and food colouring are combined and the pasta is evenly coated. Let stand for 20 minutes, massaging the bags occasionally.

    Transfer each colour of dyed pasta to a separate paper towel-covered tray, large plate or baking sheet. Let stand for 2 hours or until dry.

  • 2

    Start with a clean lid from a recycled 750-g yogurt container. Place lid on work surface, top side down. (The edge should stand upright, creating a rim to hold the glue.) Spread a generous layer of white school glue onto the lid. There should be enough glue to coat the lid completely. The more glue you use, the sturdier your suncatcher will be. (Just remember that more glue also means more drying time, so be prepared to be patient.)

    Add pasta to the glue-filled lid in whatever arrangement you like. How about an arched rainbow? Concentric circles? Something more abstract? Let your imagination be your guide.

  • 3

    Let stand, undisturbed, in a cool, dry place until completely dry. Depending on how much glue you used, this could take up to 2 days. Once it’s dry, the suncatcher should pop out of the lid. Use a gentle touch so it doesn’t break.

  • 4

    Securely tape or glue a piece of string to the back (glue side) of the suncatcher. Choose a strong, sturdy tape. Or if you go for glue, just make sure it dries completely. Hang your masterpiece in a prominent window that gets plenty of sunshine, and get ready for the “oohs” and “aahs.”

All this crafting making you hungry? Take a break and enjoy one of these easy recipes!

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Kids will go crazy for this octopus-shaped hot dog, “swimming” atop a serving of KD. No seafood required.

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With a hearty ground beef mixture topped with mac and cheese, this pantry-friendly casserole is sure to become a family favourite. No ground beef on hand? Ground pork, turkey or chicken will work just as well!

Cheddar Mac & Ham Casserole
Get the whole family in the kitchen to make this extra-cheesy dish. Younger kids can help with measuring out ingredients or draining the peas under hot water. Older kids might prefer stirring the macaroni as it cooks or spooning the casserole into the baking dish. Somehow food always tastes a little better when you’ve had a hand in making it!

Emoji Mac and Cheese Cups
Express yourself with these mac and cheese ham cups baked in right in a muffin tin. The face you create on top, with fun edible toppings, is completely up to you!

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