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Iceberg Lettuce is a perennial favourite that works in any salad.

  • Look for large, round, compact heads with tender yet firm, pale green leaves.
  • Taste is mild and crisp.
  • Use this classic green as the base for any salad; goes great with all dressings.

Leaf Lettuce


Leaf Lettuce is possibly the most popular type of salad green, enjoyed for its universally appealing taste and texture as well as its attractive appearance.

  • Look for both green leaf and red leaf lettuce with tender, slightly ruffled leaves. Tips of red leaf lettuce will be a dark red.
  • Use as a familiar base to experiment with new dressings.


Romaine is a fresh, crisp, hearty green that it is just right for everyday occasions yet sophisticated enough for Caesar himself.

  • Look for an elongated head with large, tender, medium to dark green outer leaves and pale green inner leaves with crunchy midribs.
  • Taste is just slightly bitter and succulent.
  • Use with other salad greens for colour and excitement; also use the outer leaves as "dishes" for other ingredients.



Mesclun is a stylish array of designer greens. The mixture, which got its start in restaurants, varies depending on the season and the supplier but typically consists of arugula, Frisee (a slender, spiky member of the chicory family), oak leaf lettuce, radicchio and other baby greens.

  • Look for tender, crisp leaves with no sign of wilting.
  • Taste depends on the mix but is usually on the bittersweet side.
  • Use a handful with regular greens for an interesting flavour and texture contrast.



Belgian Endive, probably the most popular of the endive family, is grown completely in the dark to prevent it from turning green.

  • Look for tight bunches with narrow, pointed leaves. Leaves should be tender and creamy white with just the tips and outer edges being yellow or palest green.
  • Taste is mildly bitter. The paler the endive, the milder the flavour.
  • Use just a handful to dress up everyday salads; also spoon a creamy salad favourite such as tuna salad in the center for a pretty presentation.



Radicchio, the flamboyant redhead, is the Italian word for chicory, the family of greens from which it comes.

  • Look for small compact heads with deep red leaves and crisp white veins.
  • Taste is slightly bittersweet.
  • Use with other salad greens for colour and excitement; also use the outer leaves as "dishes" for other ingredients.
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